Christmas time in Milan

Christmas time is that period of the year when dreaming “is allowed”, not because it is not allowed dreaming during all 365 days that make a year, but because Christmas time is that period of the year when dreaming and living are one thing. You dream every time you enter a shop and a Christmas song is playing on the radio, you dream every time you walk around the city and see Christmas lights, you dream every time you watch a Christmas movie and every time you gaze at your Christmas tree.

All of this looks very marketing oriented, because this is also the period when companies put most of the efforts they have in marketing activity, in order to sell as much as possible by taking advantage of people’s favourable mood that leads them to spend because of such a peaceful environment. Companies’ marketing activities and the magic of Christmas make us dream and detach ourselves from ordinary days’ problems, that will come back very soon, as soon as this period will finish, and will be again part of our ordinary life.

But, which is the city that you think of when you think about Christmas?

Of course, you think about New York or London. But, don’t you think you are forgetting something? If your answer is no, then It means that you have never been in Milan during Christmas time. It is amazing and I want to take you through a journey around Milan, during Christmas time, via this article.

The most relevant area and also the most decorated one is the so called “Quadrilatero della Moda”, literally “The Fashion Quadrangle”. It is Milan’s fashion district and it is a area surrounded by four streets, that make a sort of quadrangle. The completion for the best window is touchable, because every shop puts most of the creativity that they have to set up their window display and make it the best of the fashion district. Most of the shops in this area are luxury ones, so high quality decorations and windows are guaranteed.

In Monte Napoleone, there are some Christmas balls above the street, that have a speaker inside of them playing Christmas music at every corner, so that you can do shopping and immerse yourself in Christmas atmosphere, at the same moment.


One of my favourite attractions is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Here you can see something unique and characteristic about Milan. The dome of the Galleria is covered by a “sheet” of blue lights. It’s just above the Swarovski Christmas Tree, which is supervised 24 hours per day, because it is entirely decorated with Swarovski crystals, that reflect all the Galleria’s lights. These two things contribute to make the place very peaceful and christmassy.



The last place, but not the least is Rinascente. As I said in the article about Rinascente, it has a social role in the city of Milan and this is demonstrated also on this occasion. During Christmas, the Rinascente decorations are well known to the people of Milan. Every centimeter of the building is covered with white lights and there is a mechanism that simulates the fall of water drops along the building. If you have a look to the building it looks icy and glacial, like it is covered by ice and some water drops fall from the top to the bottom of the building, due to the thawing process.


A lot of other decorations, lights, Christmas street markets, Christmas trees and ice-skating rink are spread around all the city. 

Thanks to Milan, I revalued Christmas. Before moving to this cities, I was loosing my sense of Christmas. I was not a child anymore, and by growing up we all loose a bit of our sense of Christmas. Year by year we do not wait for Santa anymore, we start not paying much attention to Christmas, because we are too busy with work or our studies and we put our effort into other activities, because we become adults. Yes, I know that Christmas is not only a child festivity, but If you think about it, Christmas have a different meaning If you are a child or not. Children are definitely those that have more fun during this festivity. They write the letter to Santa and wait for him to bring their presents near the tree, but when you become adult Christmas is almost a stress, If you think about the anxiety caused by all the presents we need to buy. 

Milan, thanks to its adorable Christmas Environment and the energy of its inhabitants, that make the city lively and vibrant, took me back to that conditions of childhood. Of course,  I do not believe that Santa is coming to my house, but I wish he could. 


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