Gallerie D’Italia: New York New York Italian Art

After coming back from Albania, I decided to stay at my home in Milan, before going to my parents in Genoa where I grew up. One of the things you should never miss when you are in Milan is the large variety of cultural events and exhibitions that you can experience.

Events and exhibitions are one of my topics on this blog, and the first two I decided to start writing about are two ongoing exhibitions in Milan. The first one is the exhibition called “New York New York Italian Art” at Gallerie D’Italia in Piazza Scala (Milan), and the second one is about the celebration of 100 years of “La Rinascente”. Most of you may have never heard about La Rinascente, so I decided to dedicate an entire article to “La Rinascente Exhibition” so that you can, first of all, learn more about its history and, secondly, about the exhibition itself.

Gallerie D’Italia: New York New York Italian Art and permanent exhibition

That day was the right day to go for exhibitions around the city, because it was the first Sunday of the month. In Italy that is the day when all permanent exhibitions are totally free. Usually there are a lot of people queuing at the ticket offices, but it was also the second sales day, so no-one cared about museums, but about shopping, and I enjoyed a very pleasant exhibition without all those people making noise in the museum.

In this case, Gallerie D’Italia gave me the possibility to see for free, also the temporary exhibition called “New York New York Italian Art”. It wants to focus on the way how Italian artists contributed to the internationalisation of art, through trips in USA and direct contacts with the American world during the first decades of 20th century. In addition to this, it wants to underline the attention for the Italian art in USA after World War II. 

All works and paintings (150 pieces) have a direct link with the American context or have been part of important exhibitions in USA dedicated to Italian or European art. The exhibition is amazing and you can find some of the most important Italian artists of 20th century like Fontana, Burri and Manzoni. You can find minor artists as well. I have to say that I was surprised because I didn’t expect to find works of such high value.

Exhibitions at Gallerie d’Italia are very prestigious because they are made of works belonging to the private artistic heritage of Intesa San Paolo Bank and Fondazione Cariplo.

In addition to this, the permanent exhibition was amazing as well, both for the estate in which the exhibition is set up, because the building is part of Italian artistic heritage for its beauty, and the works themselves. I found sculptures and paintings made by Boccioni, Canova, De Chirico, Burri, Hayez, Fontana and many others.

Some pictures from the exhibition


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