Rome: among buildings, churches and fountains

I had the opportunity to begin this year in a very special way. Maybe you already got what I am going to talk about. Yes, I went to Rome! It was not the first time for me, because I already spent one day in Rome, during a cruise, but It was a very short stay and I had not the possibility to visit it in the way I wanted to. 

So, after a very busy period of exams at the university, I felt it was time to dedicate some time to myself. Which city can be more suitable than Rome? Maybe London, yes! But London is such usual for me, so I decided to go for Rome, which doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to go to London, because this is exactly what I did after visiting Rome, so If you want to read about my London experience too, stay tuned because I will be posting a new article about this very soon.

The trip begun on February 5, in the morning from Milan. As soon as I got to the B&B, I left all the cases there and went out to explore the city. It was almost 2 pm and I was very excited. 

First day in Rome

I opted for a very classic sightseeing starting from Piazza del Popolo and getting to Vatican City, passing through Piazza di Spagna, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Montecitorio, Tiber River and Trastevere, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’ Angelo and then Piazza San Pietro, the heart of Vatican City.

My favourites are the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, first of all because they are very well-preserved and the Trevi Fountain is so white and shiny, full of details and magnificent. The Trevi Fountain has been recently restored by the donation of Fendi, an Italian fashion brand rooted in Rome.

Moreover, one peculiar thing about the Trevi Fountain is the fact that it is “a hidden treasure” among buildings and narrow streets, and the only thing that you can hear, when near the fountain, is only the sound of the water, but suddenly as soon as you get to the edge of one of the numerous narrow streets that connect the fountain’s square with the rest of the city, the Trevi Fountain appears to you in all its magnificence.




It’s quite a convenient sightseeing, because gives you the possibility to see a lot of the city in very short time, even If visiting all the city could take more than a week, If you want to visit every single place and museum. Just think about the great amount of fountains and obelisks, that make Rome the city with the largest number of fountains and obelisks in the world.

Rome, the city known as the eternal city and caput mundi, as ancient romans used to call it because of its magnificence that made Rome the biggest and most crowded city in the world during the Roman Empire and so the capital of the world. It is an open air museum. Everywhere you go you can see a piece of history and almost everything is well-preserved.

Once evening, it was time to take some very good long exposure pictures of Castel Sant’Angelo and Saint Peter Cathedral. The urban lighting in Rome is amazing and gives to monuments and buildings such a magical shade: perfect to take pictures of them, especially with long exposure. It was maybe one the greatest moments of the trip. The twilight was awesome for shots.




I kept taking pictures from Castel Sant’Angelo till I got to Saint Peter Square through Via della Conciliazione. I was waiting for a friend, who lives in Rome, to take me around the city. We enjoyed a very nice dinner and then we made arrangements for seeing the next day at the Colosseum.

Second day in Rome

The second day started with a visit to the Colosseum, which I had not the possibility to visit the first time I went to Rome (yes, I know, it’s such a sad story but I knew that I would have seen Rome again).

After, the visit we walked towards Vatican City because I had booked a visit to the Cathedral, its dome and to Vatican Museums (the 2nd most visited museum in the world after Louvre). The most impressive experience was getting to the top of the cathedral ‘s dome, where you can enjoy a 360° view of the city. It’s breathtaking for two reasons: getting too he top is very tiring and leaves you without breathe because stairs are very narrow and steep and secondly the view that you have on the top is so amazing that you feel breathless for the second time. (Picture below)

View from the top of Saint Peter Cathedral


You have to take into consideration that If you want to visit Rome, you need an entire day just to visit the Cathedral and Vatican Museums, because you have so many things to see.

Once evening I finished my visit to Vatican Museums and went towards home. The journey with the bus that took me at home, was something amazing. Rome is very baroque and its buildings are amazing, but during the night they are even more. I think that the lighting system the lighten the buildings of Rome is one of the best I have ever seen, and buildings suddenly acquire a different appearance. Some details that you wound not notice during the day are emphasised and some others are no longer so, and this gives to them a very well finished aspect.

Third day in Rome

The next day was time for shopping (Italians’ favourite sport after soccer) before leaving the city and getting back to Milan, which I missed a lot too. 

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