Venice: the city on the water

How can a place like Venice, with the world “nice” that makes it, not being great? Indeed, this is not possible. Venice is unique in every part of it. Maybe it is not the most unique place in the world, but it is definitely the most unique city. It is vibrant, literally built on the [...]

Florence in a day: what I like about Florence

Have you ever visited Florence? I you haven't I suggest you to go as soon as you can.  I have been there more or less four times, and the last one was two days ago after a sudden decision made the day before the visit. I was at home wondering about what I could do [...]

Road to southern Italy

Travelling to south, enjoying the sea, good food and wonderful friends could be a perfect summary of my vacation in Cilento. I spent a week in this geographic area located in Campania, one of the regions of Italy. It is the demonstration that it is not necessary, for us Italians, to go abroad to look [...]

Milan and its endless relationship with “La Rinascente”

I don't know exactly when I fell in love, but it happened, and I would add "fortunately" happened. Day by day, my enhancement for this city raised. It could be the different memories that link me to Milan, but not only. This city sounds like innovation, evolution counting, rush, speed, fashion, design, beauty, dolce vita, [...]

Gallerie D’Italia: New York New York Italian Art

After coming back from Albania, I decided to stay at my home in Milan, before going to my parents in Genoa where I grew up. One of the things you should never miss when you are in Milan is the large variety of cultural events and exhibitions that you can experience. Events and exhibitions are [...]

Albania: the land of eagles

Now that I finished the first year of my MSc, it is time for vacations. I went to Albania. I grew up Italian but I am born Albanian, in a very little godforsaken place in northern Albania called Peshkopi. Here is where my grandparents live and where I go when they are not in Italy [...]

London: a place that I use to call “wonderland”

As I already announced in the previous article, I went to London after Rome. The reason is simple: I really missed that city. I have a strong relationship with London, it represents a lot of emotions, memories and friends. It all started during the last year of High School. I went to London with my [...]

Rome: among buildings, churches and fountains

I had the opportunity to begin this year in a very special way. Maybe you already got what I am going to talk about. Yes, I went to Rome! It was not the first time for me, because I already spent one day in Rome, during a cruise, but It was a very short stay [...]